Order Lunch for Your Camper(s)!

We now offer Smart Lunches for Camp Chickami, Camp Pikati and Camp Polliwog.*

Why worry about packing a lunch for your campers when you can order it online?

Convenience: Order lunch through www.smartlunches.com.

Choice: Hot & cold lunch options everyday served with a fresh fruit or vegetable side. Add-on snacks and drinks are available for very active campers.

Freshness: Meals are made fresh every day, using the best quality fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other unprocessed ingredients; we deliver them daily to your campers before lunchtime, appropriately hot and chilled and ready to eat.

Personalization: We love picky eaters and children with allergies, and our system records what your campers love, hate…and what they shouldn’t ever eat.

Download the flyer now.

*This service is not available for Polliwog Creative Arts Campers.